Health and Comfort

You will work in a safe and comfortable environment. We provide health benefits, free lunch and snacks because our well-being is the foundation on which we achieve everything else.

Opportunity & Development

We support and inspire good work and growth within the company. Part of our special benefits in this field include bonus for business ideas and bonus for 10 years in the company.

Work-Life Balance

We encourage ambition for professional development as much as the time to enjoy yourself. As a company, we have annual team buildings and sport activities at the office to rally the team.

Trainings & Programs

We hold on to improvement of knowledge and skills and will always encourage and help you when you want to achieve more. You are welcome to take part in the wide range of trainings for all positions.

Resources & Environment

In the process of work, we will provide you with everything you need to perform your duties with quality and pleasure. Furniture Videnov offers organized transport and pleasant new office spaces with outside activities and green areas.

Partnership & Commitment

Furniture Videnov will be your partner from your first day, and together we will work for a better future. Gifts and bonuses when you have a child or if you decide to retire - we're here to support you.